The Business of Freelancing, Episode 33: Kai Davis on How to Build an Audience as a Freelancer, and Why You Should Start Today

By Brennan Dunn

Our guest will be one of the speakers at our Norfolk, VA for the Double Your Freelancing Conference this September. Kai Davis is an expert in building up an audience from scratch; building up your authority and targeting the clients you want to work with. If you’re looking to build an audience on your own you will love this episode.

In this episode, Kai explains the answer to the most important question any businessman asks himself. Who is my audience? And how are they related to an average freelancer like me? Does a personal touch or your own brand visibility play a major role in getting the right audience?  Kai and I discuss building trust and value for the products and services you will be offering without sounding like a salesman. He mentions a lot of helpful tips on how to convert current contacts into income-generating leads naturally by delivering not just the job but also how to deliver great value as well for the customer’s business and in the end getting new referrals that would lead to other referrals.

We also talk about the degree of expertise needed vs. being exposed for being lacking in some areas. Understanding who you are and the solution you can offer to your client’s need, is an important point that needed looking into.

Kai also touches on the value of self-marketing and how you can convert it into a revenue generating activity. He explains the intricacies of the Tripwire concept, SEO and digital marketing, were interesting talking points that will educate your audience into signing up for your services.

If you would like to learn more about Kai and his expertise around audience building, head over to DoubleYourAudience.com or reach out to Kai on Twitter @KaiSDavis.  As a special gift for Business of Freelancing listeners, Kai has put together a special checklist and video Q&A all around audience building and the steps you can take to get started today, head over to doubleyouraudience.com/dyf.

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