The Business of Freelancing, Episode 42: Naveen Dittakavi On Applying All The Info You Consume

By Brennan Dunn

Today’s guest is Naveen Dittakavi.  We had a great conversation about how his business has evolved and how important it is to overcome the belief that just because you’ve read something you’re making an improvement. In actuality, you have to act on what you’ve learned to make a difference.

Naveen started his software business company in 2003 out of his dorm room at Georgia Tech and today he teaches software freelancers how to build recurring revenue.

Today’s highlights include:

  • How Naveen began freelancing
  • Building a recurring revenue stream
  • “Active Reading”
  • Deconstructing goals
  • Daily routine
  • Content Consumption vs. Content Production

Naveen starts his day with the tasks that are most important to him. It’s the most cognitive time of work for him and he uses this time for exploration and the development of his own business. Once he’s taken care of the high value or strategic work then he moves on to the work of helping his students or clients. This is what it took to get him where he is today.

The systems Naveen has created allow him to work on the things he loves and wants to work on. He is still working on systems, trying to get certain tasks automated, which continues to free up time in his own week. Working on things that you can invest in and systemize allow you focus on larger opportunities or your family, or other things you want to do.

There’s a lot we can all learn. Buying a course isn’t enough. You can’t just consume. You need to digest and process. The systematic approach to business growth is what works.

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You can learn more about Naveen Dittakavi at his website, HowToBuildRecurringRevenue.com

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