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Program at a glance…

How we typically promote for best results:

  1. Someone signs up for our free “Charge What You’re Worth” email course
  2. We give them a special limited time discount on the Double Your Rates Toolkit ($37 instead of $97 retail)
  3. We later offer Double Your Freelancing Rate to Toolkit customers who want to go deeper, at a limited time discount ($197 instead of $297 retail)

So if you want to just send us leads and let our funnel do the heavy lifting, that’s totally cool. Just use your Charge What You’re Worth affiliate link from within your affiliate dashboard.

And if you want to promote one of the products directly, you can find links to do that as well in your affiliate dashboard.

Sign up here:

(Once you sign up for DYRT above, Zapier should auto-add you to all the other products)

Thanks, and send us an email if you have any questions! 🙂