DYF Accountability Buddy Finder Instructions

Here are the 5 simple steps to start kicking ass with your accountability buddy ASAP.

😌 Step 1 β€” Do the 45-second accountability profile setup

Here’s a walkthrough video.

πŸ‘€ Step 2 β€” Browse the accountability buddy directory

Browse & use the search filters to find 1-3 find potential buddies you like whom you want to reach out to. Here's a nifty pre-filtering checklist to help you pick good-fit buddies.

πŸ’¬ Step 3 β€” Reach out to them

Use the buddy outreach scripts to make it easy. πŸ™‚

☎️ Step 4 β€” Set up an initial exploration call

Use my exploration call template to help guide the call.

πŸ‘― Step 5 β€” Choose the buddy you vibe most with and meet up regularly!

I recommend weekly meetups. Use my weekly checkins notion db template or single checkin worksheet to help guide the calls. Be sure to disable your accountability buddy profile on the DYF website once you've picked your buddy so that people know not to reach out to you!

Problems? Need Some Help / Mediation?

If you move forward with your buddy and it’s not feeling like a good fit, you can leverage these accountability buddy breakup scripts to make the re-matching process smoother.

And if you’re stuck on anything or need some help, just email Zach / team DYF at hello@doubleyourfreelancing.com!