Laura Elizabeth*

DYF Co-Owner

Freelancing Specialty:

Transitioning from freelance designer to SaaS founder as a non-developer

About Laura

Hi, I’m Laura Elizabeth*; a designer, freelancer, product, and course creator.

I started freelancing back in 2015 after a failed attempt at working for somebody else. I remember the early days of freelancing vividly: the sheer terror of hitting send on a proposal, spending hours wondering why they haven’t replied yet. Did I charge too much? Too little? Was I too inexperienced? Should I value price? How can I value price if I don’t understand my own value?

Yes, I remember that stage well. And maybe you do too. Perhaps you’re going through it right now (and if you are, I can help).

With a mixture of time, perseverance, and a couple of lucky breaks, I ended up becoming a 6-figure/year freelancer. Something I never thought I’d achieve.

And then over time the allure of a more passive income crept in. I wanted to create courses, products, and "make money in my sleep."

And thus, Client Portal (a project management tool), then Design Academy (an online course on design), and finally Project Pack (professional documents and templates for freelancing projects) were born.

Between freelancing and products I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. I’m no longer selling time for money. I can take on the freelancing projects that sound interesting (and pay well), and ditch the rest. You hold more cards when you don’t need the work.

So why am I telling you this? Because I want you to achieve the same. Your business might look different to mine. Perhaps you want to outsource more work, scale up to become an agency, or productise your services.

Maybe you want to pivot into products like me.

Or perhaps you want to continue freelancing with systems and processes in place that make your job easier and more fulfilling: doing more of the work you love, and less of what you hate.

Whatever your goals, stick with us here at Double Your Freelancing and both myself, Brennan, and our team will help you achieve your own version of financial freedom.

*Why Laura Elizabeth? One of the many fun things about being a woman means I’m more likely to change my name throughout life. Back when I started building a personal brand I knew I didn’t want to change my name (and lose out on any potential SEO juice) so I went with my first and middle name online. My full name is Laura Elizabeth Dunn – but you can call me Laura.