Month: October 2018

How To Build An Audience (And Get Clients And Referrals From It)

by on October 23, 2018

It’s really easy to get frustrated with finding quality client projects. Either you’re dealing with haphazard referrals from past clients… Or you’re waiting for that actually legitimate lead to fill out your site’s project request form… Or you’re frustrated with competing with the world on platforms like Upwork or haggling with penny-pinchers on Craigslist… I made a…

Is Building An Audience Worth It For Freelancers?

by on October 17, 2018

“Traditionally, consulting businesses have little of either [reach & scalability]. Consultants don’t need wide brand awareness or a large audience. They only require a small group of highly targeted individuals and organizations to be aware of their existence and services. Word of mouth is often enough to fill the pipeline for consulting businesses.”– Rand Fishkin…