Month: November 2012

The Business of Freelancing, Episode 7: How Obie Fernandez Used A Book To Grow An Agency

by on November 12, 2012

Show Notes 00:23 – Obie Fernandez Introduction Author of The Rails Way and The Rails 3 Way Hashrocket Prominent figure in the Ruby/Agile communities Professional software developer since 1995 Started a user group in Atlanta for Extreme Programming ThoughtWorks 04:11 – Importance of building a reputation and personal brand Controversial blogging Resistance against Java and then Rails 07:03 – Building a…

The Business of Freelancing, Episode 6: Establishing A Sales Pipeline

by on November 7, 2012

Show Notes 00:50 – Sales Pipeline Moving people through a series of steps to get them to be a paying customer Acquisition to qualification to scoping to clients 04:11 – Content marketing to project delivery 08:02 – Tracking leads Highrise Fat Free CRM PipelineDeals Pipedrive Whiteboard Spreadsheet 12:29 – Networking Referrals Are they a good fit? Do timelines overlap?…