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Start A Freelancing Business

Just starting out or thinking about it? Here you'll learn how to adopt the right mindset to run your business and get your first few clients.

Branding and Positioning

The way you position and present yourself to your clients can make or break your chances with a prospect. Learn how to do position yourself the right way.

Marketing Your Business

Clients are the bedrock of any freelancing business. Learn how to reliably generate high-quality project leads.

Pricing Your Services

How you price and pitch yourself affects the quality of your clients and your income. Learn how to charge more and close more projects.

Writing Proposals That Win You Projects

Writing (and winning) proposals is critical to closing deals. There's no point in having lots of project leads if you don't know how to close them.

Project Management For Freelancers

Once you've sold a client on working with you, learn how to ensure that you consistently deliver great results.

Running Your Freelancing Business

All the advice and tools you need to run a profitable and sustainable freelancing business.

Work/Life Balance For Freelancers

You CAN freelance without sacrificing your sanity. Learn how to balance your life and your work.

Productizing Your Services

What if you could sell your services the same way you'd sell a product? Learn how to level-up your freelancing with productized consulting.


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How To Build An Audience (And Get Clients And Referrals From It)

It’s really easy to get frustrated with finding quality client projects.

Either you’re dealing with haphazard referrals from past clients…

Or you’re waiting for that actually legitimate lead to fill out your site’s project request form…

Or you’re frustrated with competing with the world on platforms like Upwork or haggling with penny-pinchers on Craigslist…

I made a case for building an audience in this post.

You probably understand why it makes sense to focus on building an audience. After all, exposure = an increased Luck Surface Area, which directly translates into more clients and more referrals.

But where the heck do you start?

The good news is that there’s a ton of information out there penned by a lot of really smart people. Content marketing, list building, marketing automation… there’s no better time than ever to sidestep your way to success without needing to waste too much time on trial and error.

But the bad news? Almost all of that content is for people who want to build products, created by people who build products.

I’m talking about selling ebooks, courses, plugins, software-as-a-service, membership sites, and other products that are almost always low-touch (meaning: people read a sales page, enter in their credit card details, and buy) and relatively low-cost, at least when compared to hiring a consultant.

So what should you, as a freelancer or agency owner, focus on first?

Is Building An Audience Worth It For Freelancers?

“Traditionally, consulting businesses have little of either [reach & scalability]. Consultants don’t need wide brand awareness or a large audience. They only require a small group of highly targeted individuals and organizations to be aware of their existence and services. Word of mouth is often enough to fill the pipeline for consulting businesses.”
– Rand Fishkin

I’ve been reading Rand Fishkin’s book, Lost & Founder. It’s the story of the founding of SEOmoz, and each page bleeds practicality and plenty of “gah, why didn’t anyone tell me this first” takeaways.

Rand talks a lot about the difference between selling services and selling products, and makes a pretty strong case why products aren’t necessarily right for everyone.

But what really stuck out to me was the above quote, which can be summed up as:

  • Product businesses are high-volume, low-revenue. You need to build an audience (a.k.a. generate a ton of leads) in order to make it work.
  • Service businesses are low-volume, high-revenue. Since you can only work on so many projects at any given time you should put more focus on building a strong network, rather than building an audience.

In principle, I agree.

Superimposing the audience building and sales tactics that $197 course creators on top of a consulting business rarely works, mostly because hiring a consultant tends to involve a lot more due diligence than an impulse buy product.

However, have you looked at how really successful enterprise product vendors operate?

Enterprise sales teams aren’t driving people to a credit card checkout form, but they are leveraging tried-and-true audience building strategies to acquire leads, qualify them, nurture, and then close the deal.

Because these teams optimize for super high volume (relative to the average freelancer or agency), they don’t regard each lead as being “ready to buy”. They score leads and take into account a lead’s level of awareness.

OK, I promise not to dig too deeply into enterprise sales here.

However, the exact same higher-touch lead generation and nurturing strategies enterprise companies use can be used by you, even if you’re solo. There’s a lot about effective audience building that we can learn from enterprise leaders who have lead generation and nurturing down to a science.

Ready to start playing the long game? I’ve got 3 core truths to start with (that many of us learned the hard way):

Clientstrapping: How To Go From Freelancing To Products

Last year, I was forced to take an impromptu vacation.

With Hurricane Florence barreling toward the east coast of the United States, I was persuaded to flee north by a combination of The Weather Channel, scaremongering Facebook posts, and calls from my parents.

The result? A few days in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and zero work accomplished, despite having my laptop in tow.

(I don’t know about you, but I always overestimate my ability to get anything done when on the road.)

For my area at least, it was a bit of a non-issue. I think a few trash bins blew over, but weather is unpredictable – and evacuating was the right thing to do.

But guess what?

Even though I took the entire week off, my finances were unaffected. People, presumably those who weren’t in the path of a hurricane, still bought from me last week.

It was a good week.

Many of us pursue freelancing for the freedom.

We want to be able to evacuate our homes, either for hurricanes or for getaways to the Caribbean, and have as little impact as possible on cash flow.

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