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Have Brennan speak at your next event or conference

I’ve been asked to speak at a number of conferences and events. No matter where you are in the world, I’d love to teach & entertain your attendees or employees.

My specialty is freelancing, consulting, and marketing. I’ve built an agency from the ground up, and exited it to start a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, and have since sold that to focus entirely on building to a 7-figure a year business.

I also run two annual conferences, one in the US and the other in Europe, so I know what it’s like to organize an event and understand the constraints and expectations you have of your speakers.

A few of the topics I’ve given talks on:

  • Starting a successful freelancing business
  • Pricing your product or services
  • Marketing your consulting business
  • Automating your business
  • Starting or scaling an agency
  • Self-publishing and course creation

I’ve spoken at events like the 99U Conference, MicroConf North America & Europe, Small Is Beautiful, BaconBiz Conference, RubyNation, and multiple regional conferences and local meetup groups.


If you run an agency and want to help your team be better consultants, sell better projects, and more, I’m available to come visit your company, present to your team, and individually help individual members of your staff.

To request to have me at your event, drop me an email.

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