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You’re probably feeling overwhelmed. You COULD be doing this. You SHOULD be doing that. It’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another to be told “based on so-and-so, I think this is the best next step for you” by someone who's been there before.

What if you could get daily access to a team of experts who could help you out personally? And what if you had a place where other business-minded consultants shared their war stories, helped each other out, and networked?

At Double Your Freelancing, we wanted to create the ultimate coaching program.

The old model — hiring a coach on a long-term contract, meeting with them once or twice a month, having just a single perspective (and probably not having much experience in freelancing) — just didn't cut it.

So we came up with a new model, one that's perfect for creative professionals who work online and on their own.

Access to our team, every day

For us, access and experience was key.

We didn't want to just recruit a vetted list of self-identified "business coaches" and match DYFers with them. Rather, we set out to put together a team of experts — people who specialize in one or two key topics, who have written books, who speak at conferences, and are freelancers or run an agency.

At least one of our experts is available every Monday-through-Friday for live group coaching sessions over Zoom. Whether you have a question you want answered, or just want to sit in and hear what others are struggling with, our daily sessions are one part coaching and the other part community.

Meet The Team

The founder of Double Your Freelancing, Brennan hosts special Expert Roundtables that field any questions you have about consulting.
The author of numerous books, including Hourly Billing Is Nuts, Jonathan can help you with understanding your buyer's language and can assist with pricing and packaging.
The author of The Facebook Ads Manual and owner of Super Spicy Media, Mojca is here to help you with all of your Facebook Ads and social media questions.
The founder of Ethercycle, a premiere Shopify agency, Kurt can help you with automating your business, podcasting, ecommerce, and dealing with troublesome clients.
Jessie Goodell
Our Success Coordinator and organizer of many communities, Jessie's job is to help make sure that every member gets the help and assistance they're looking for.
The host of the Freelance Transformation Podcast and owner of Tilted Pixel, a web agency, Matt can help with content marketing, website strategy and design teardowns, closing high-budget deals, and scaling your business.
Author of The Positioning Manual, Philip can help you with positioning your business, marketing and lead generation strategies, and email marketing.
Eleanor Edwards
After having spent over a decade managing a corporate franchise and directing support, Eleanor is here to help you with anything you need administratively.
An avid student of psychology and economics, Liston can help you refine your messaging, redo your website or email copy, and increase conversions.
An internationally sought after speaker and creater of Design Academy, Laura can help you with the design and layout of your websites by providing design teardowns.
With 25+ years of experience in enterprise companies, Anthony can help you get your foot in the door with high value clients. Providing large doses of encouragement along the way!

A community of 390+ people like you

When you join the Expert Roundtable, you not only get 24/7 access to a vibrant community of peers, but our team is available at anytime to participate in the group discussions.

Share your struggles, get feedback, and create new business relationships and personal friends in our private community.

Basic Package
  • Unlimited access to our daily live sessions
  • Full involvement in our Slack community (currently 390 members + the experts)
  • Full access to hours of past recordings
  • No contracts or long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.
Mastermind Package
  • Twice monthly live accountability Masterminds with your personal Success Coach
  • Unlimited access to our daily live sessions
  • Full involvement in our Slack community (currently 390 members + the experts)
  • Full access to hours of past recordings
  • No contracts or long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.