Get Answers To Your Most Pressing Consulting Questions With The "Expert Roundtable"

[button-styling]You’re probably feeling overwhelmed. You COULD be doing this. You SHOULD be doing that. It’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another to be told “based on so-and-so, I think this is the best next step for you” by an expert consultant.

What if you could access a daily, Monday-through-Friday roundtable call with an expert consultant to get your most pressing questions about consulting or running an independent business answered?

That’s one of the features of the DYF Academy that students, again and again, call out as providing them with the most value as soon as they join the Academy: access to our expert teaching staff to get their questions answered.

And now this daily access can be yours as part of the Expert Roundtable.

A peek inside of an Expert Roundtable session
Unlike traditional coaching or mentoring, where you pay upwards of $1,000 for a bi-weekly phone call with a single expert, the Expert Roundtable allows you to jump on a video call with a member of the DYF teaching staff every day (except weekends and major holidays.)

For a minimum of one hour a day (with rotational times to accommodate all timezones), our teaching staff of expert consultants makes themselves available to answer your questions. For many students of the Academy, getting answers to their questions in the Expert Roundtable Q&A sessions pays for the program.

Not everyone is ready to commit financially to the Academy, or can accommodate the intensive timeline and monthly requirements.

So by offering the Expert Roundtable outside the Academy, we’ll be able to offer “coaching on demand” to our customers.

Unlike traditional coaching or mentoring, where you engage for $1,000+ a month with a single expert with a single perspective who meets with you twice a month, Expert Roundtable offers daily access to a group of hand-selected experts who have deep subject-matter expertise and consulting experience.

Whether you just want a second set of eyes on a client proposal you’re about to send off, or want to meet with Mojca to ask her about some Facebook ads you’re thinking about running, or have a question for Philip about your positioning, the Expert Roundtable gives you a flexible means of getting the help and support you need, and when you need it.

Here’s what’s included:

Subscribe to the Expert Roundtable for $300 $200/month
Subscribe to the Expert Roundtable for $3000 $2000/year (2 months free!)

Why we created the Expert Roundtable

When we were developing the Academy 3 years ago, we wanted to give students a way to get advice that was “out of scope” from what we were teaching within the Academy.

Unlike at university, 100% of our students are actively running a consulting business while they’re enrolled in the Academy.

This means client problems will pop up. And project pitches will be met with anxiety. Or self-doubt and imposter syndrome will set in.

We needed a way to handle this, so I made myself available for 1-2 times a week to meet with students.

Since August, we’ve been hosting these sessions daily.

And we’ve gone beyond just myself. I’m now joined by the 7 other teachers who help me with the DYF Academy, who are all consultants AND have deep subject-matter expertise:

How Expert Roundtable fixes the 3 problems that plague traditional coaching

  1. Every one of our teachers runs a profitable, six or seven-figure consulting business or agency. They’re designers, marketers, programmers, writers who are all experts at the business of consulting.
  2. I’ve hand-picked every teacher. These aren’t people who read “The Dummies Guide To Starting A Consulting Business” over the weekend. They’ve written industry-recognized books, created courses, and speak at conferences about the things they do best.
  3. One (or more) of us are available Monday through Friday for at least an hour to personally work with you, webcam-to-webcam. No matter when you need us, we’re available.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed…

If you know you COULD be doing this. And SHOULD be doing that. If you’re overwhelmed by all the information and how-to guides out there…

Help is on the way.

(Feedback from a DYF Academy student on the value of the Expert Roundtable “Office Hours”)

Sometimes you just need to talk through what you’re planning — and get sound advice on 1) if it makes sense to do that now and 2) whether your plan is bullet proof.

Or you’re starting down the path of something you aren’t too sure about… Maybe you’ve never had to choose a niche. Or you’ve never setup an email marketing automation campaign. Or you’re looking to scale beyond yourself and start an agency, but are worried about what that means financially.

The experts who make up the Expert Roundtable (and serve as the teaching staff for the Academy) and I are committed to giving you “fluff-free” and actionable advice, not hand-holding. And we’ve been doing it for the last few years within the Academy.

What’s included in Expert Roundtable, and why now is the best time to join:

Unlimited access to our staff of expert teachers is available for only $300 a month through the end of the year. At the start of 2017, the price for a subscription to the Expert Roundtable goes up permanently.

Starting in 2017, we’re also going to be editing every question that’s asked an uploading it to a categorized private consulting knowledge base. This means that we’ll be producing 20+ hours of recorded & edited video content each week that will be available to Expert Roundtable customers. (Currently, the raw 1+ hour sessions are available to all Academy students.)

Additionally, every Expert Roundtable subscriber gets access to a private Slack community with other subscribers and the teaching staff (because a quick message to your fellow consultants and the experts in the channel is often enough to get unstuck).

We think this is a hugely valuable service, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve put together.

Here’s what’s included:

You can either join monthly, or you can get 2-months free by paying annually.

Subscribe to the Expert Roundtable for $300 $200/month
Subscribe to the Expert Roundtable for $3000$2000/year (2 months free!)

p.s. We’re offering 2 years of free access to Expert Roundtable for those who join the DYF Academy before the end of the year.

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