Best Software And Services For Freelancers [2018 Edition]

Now that you’re running a business of your own, you’re going to want to equip yourself with tools that either 1) make your life easier or 2) help you make more money.

Below you’ll find a list of products and services specifically for freelancers and agencies.

Finding And Selling Clients

Workshop — Get qualified leads delivered right to your inbox. The team at Workshop scours the Internet for new freelance gigs, and emails the best to you each morning. This is a huge timesaver.

LeadPages — The easiest way to create high-quality landing pages for your business. You can use LeadPages to create seminar / webinar registration pages, squeeze pages for your lead magnets that you can drive paid traffic to, and much more. If you’re looking to automate how you acquire sales leads, this is a must have.

Drip — Kick Mailchimp to the curb. Drip is powerful but simple-to-use email marketing software that allows you to smartly segment our your leads and clients, automatically send relevant emails to them, and quickly create email courses and nurturing campaigns that will qualify, condition, and even pitch your prospects. They’re who I use for all my email marketing, and check out my article on how you can use Drip to help you win clients. Read my review of Drip here.

Perfect Audience — Running ads to people who have already been to your website is some of the most effective advertising available. Why? Because those people tend to be highly qualified — they’ve already visited your website! I use Perfect Audience to send “drive-by” visitors to my website who didn’t take any action (e.g. filled out my contact form) back to my site for pennies.

Look Like A Pro

WPEngine — The best option for WordPress sites that need to stay up and stay secure. Hands down. If you or your clients do anything with WordPress, use WPEngine.

SumoMe — You know what makes me ridiculously happy? Seeing you succeed. Which is why I love showing you insanely valuable tools that helped me grow my blog, so you can do the same 🙂 One of those tools is SumoMe, a suite of free apps to grow your traffic, get more email subscribers, and more. It’s 100% free to get started, works on all sites, and doesn’t matter if your site is WordPress, HTML, or written by a chimpanzee. It takes 37 seconds to install, seriously.

Namecheap — You’re going to probably need to register domains, either your own or your clients. Namecheap is my preferred option.

Creative Market — The place I go to when I need themes, PSDs, fonts, and more. Gorgeous designs, and the best checkout process I’ve come across.

Moo — You need business cards. Get them here.

RightSignature — If you’re like me and many of your clients are remote, you’re going to want to securely and legally sign agreements.

Legal Zoom — Double Your Freelancing Rate includes the contracts I recommend for working with clients (Master Services Agreement and Statement Of Work templates), but for legal documents related to incorporation, bylaws, and more you can’t go wrong with LegalZoom.

Getting Paid

Harpoon — As a freelancer, you need more than invoicing. You need a plan. Meet Harpoon, a financial goal-setting, time-tracking, and invoicing app for freelancers and consultants.

LessAccounting’s AutoPilot — My friends at LessAccounting have a new service called Autopilot that will take care of all your bookkeeping and categorization for you. They work exclusively with creatives like us.

Betterment — This is the single best investment tool I’ve come across. Want to save toward an emergency fund? (A must for freelancers.) Or fund your IRA? Betterment is a beautiful app that makes setting-and-forgetting investment a breeze. Currently, I’m using it for my SEP IRA, a traditional investment account, and my emergency savings fund. Get 6 months free using my link.

Just Tell Julie — Hate chasing down invoices? Julie will work on your behalf to contact your clients and get you paid.

Managing Projects

Planscope — A client collaboration and project management tool designed for freelancers and agencies.

Dropbox — If you’re still emailing files back and forth with your clients, or don’t often and always back up your work, Dropbox is a no brainer. You can share massive files with just a few clicks, and it will automatically backup and keep a revision history of all of your files.

Supporting Clients

WPCurve — If you build WordPress websites, WPCurve is a must. For a small monthly fee, they’ll make any number of small changes or tweaks to you or your clients’ WordPress websites.

Blue Host — Your clients don’t always need super robust websites. Sometimes they just need something simple, cheap, and reliable. For those projects, you’re going to want to turn to Blue Host.

Remarq — I use Remarq to generate beautiful PDFs of my proposals, contracts, reports, and more.

Increase Your Value

Fizzle — If you’re looking to really figure out how to grow your business… Growing an email list, starting a podcast, getting more traffic, and things that aren’t exactly related to freelancing, then you’re going to want to join Fizzle.

Productize — How to setup a productized service business by Brian Casel, who built the wildly successful Restaurant Engine, which provides done-for-you websites for the restaurant industry.

Zero To Launch — Want to launch your own product? Ramit Sethi is the master at helping turn ideas into profitable products. Highly recommended.

Authority — This is really the only training product I’ve included, but it’s included for a reason. Nathan Barry’s course, Authority, has helped thousands of freelancers like you learn how to make a name for themselves and successfully create ebooks, courses, and more.

Gumroad — Once you have that blockbuster ebook, course, or plugin and you’re ready to sell it, you’ll want to use Gumroad. I use them for all of my products, and they make it dead simple to upload your digital product, attach a price tag to it, and sell it.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I might get a commission or get a few free months of usage (I’m an active customer of just about everything I promote). This doesn’t affect the price of the product or service for you at all.

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