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What I'm working on...

Interested in what I’m working on? Want to maybe do something together, but unsure about what else is on my plate? I’ll try to keep this page updated with what’s going on:

Last update: June 3, 2016

  • After coming back from BaconBiz, I’m (unsurprisingly) inspired to get a lot done. I’m working on a new content upgrade framework that I’ll use on my most popular articles, and I’ve recently reactived Mixpanel and am going through setting up all the various segmented funnels I need to start creating some good a/b tests. I also realized one of the most popular pages on my site ISN’T responsive, and the data confirmed it’s really crushing conversions.
  • I’m working on a short consulting project that’s going to make them hundreds of thousands of dollars 🙂
  • I’m about to head to Scotland to speak at the Small is Beautiful conference.
  • I’m then coming back, packing, watching my daughters’ ballet recital, and then flying back to Europe for DYFConf EU the following day.
  • The family and I will be in Europe for a few weeks: Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, Vienna, and then Dublin. Planning on not doing much, but I’d like to continue making progress on my book and some new articles for the site.
  • I’m reading pop thriller fiction. I just finished The Atlantis Gene. I wish Ken Follett had more books available.

(Shoutout to my friend Derek Sivers for the inspiration for a “now” page.)