The most complete course on ConvertKit available

Looking for the most in-depth and systematic course on both ConvertKit and email marketing? Look no further. Learn the ins-and-outs of segmenting your audience, automating your nurturing, and profiting from perfectly timed and personalized pitches.
You use (or plan on using) ConvertKit...
You know how important email marketing is for your business...
You want to send super personalized emails to your list...
You want to give your subscribers an incredibly rewarding and rich experience...
But here you are, sending one-size-fits-all newsletters and sales emails to everyone on your list with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯‍ results and lots of time spent running around on the content treadmill.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by email marketing and automation. You’ve heard all the conference talks and podcast interviews touting how badass marketing automation is. You've read the articles about these businesses that have ridiculously sophisticated and sexy automation yielding even more ridiculous revenue.
But making email marketing work for your business? And ensuring you're doing it right? Well, that can seem like a pipe dream. Instead, you're...
  • Staring at a hot mess of tags on your subscriber dashboard (“ I segmenting correctly?”)
  • Writing yet another broadcast newsletter and hoping your subscribers like and want what you have to say (going through your head: “this keeps my list warm, ...right?”)
  • And stressing over when you can justify doing another big launch so that you can get some much needed cash in the door.
Sound about right?

It's one thing to have access to ConvertKit. But knowing what to do with all this power...?

For many of us, logging into ConvertKit with the goal of fully automating your business is a bit like walking into a big box hardware store and thinking to yourself, “I have no idea how, but I think it's possible to build a house with all this stuff.”
Power drills, screws, lumber, and aisles and aisles of who knows what.
Or, in your case, visual automation rules, tags, custom fields, email sequences, delay timers, events, and on and on.
Hi there, I’m Brennan Dunn and I’m the creator of Mastering ConvertKit.
I’ve been a big fan of what Nathan Barry & the ConvertKit team have been building, and a little over a year ago I decided to finally make the switch.
“Somebody needs to translate Brennan Dunn’s Mastering Drip course to ConvertKit because all of the existing ConvertKit courses just cover the basics.”
Joel Hooks, about a year ago
Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of marketers and business owners better understand how to better use email marketing through keynote talks, workshops, podcast interviews, in-depth articles, and my course, Mastering Drip.
And now that I’m happily settled on ConvertKit, I wanted to create the premiere training course for someone who wants to architect the right automated marketing for their business.

More than just technicals, included is an entire framework

This course is not just how to use all the technical bits of ConvertKit.
Instead, it’s a complete tried-and-true framework on how to take your expertise and the products/services you have to offer, package it all up into a bunch of really smart automation that gets more subscribers onto your list, discover who your audience is and what they need from you, and consistently deliver highly relevant and personalized content and pitches at exactly the right time.
Quite the mouthful, eh? But the long and short of it is that you’ll be able to give your subscribers a much better experience – leading more of them to buy.
The course teaches the same framework that I've helped clients like Smart Passive Income, Copyblogger, and others use to take a systematic approach to how they deliver better, automated experiences over email using ConvertKit.
So if you’re struggling with not just how to use ConvertKit, but what you should be doing with ConvertKit, then this course is for you.
“This course takes using ConvertKit to the next level.”
“I have been a ConvertKit customer for years and thought I was pretty good at email automation, but it is only after taking the Mastering ConvertKit course that I have truly understood and been able to unlock its true potential.

I knew that Brennan Dunn was clever at email automation, but looking over his shoulder and gaining insight into the processes he implements in his own business has been enlightening. This course takes using ConvertKit to the next level.”
Jo Berrington

What's Inside

No matter if you’re just getting started, or you’re ready to throw rocket fuel on your ConvertKit account – the included 20+ hours of in-depth video lessons and workshops, along with bonus "fly-on-the-wall" resources and workshops have you covered.
Module 1
Starting off on the right foot
In this module we cover the fundamentals of both ConvertKit and the best ways to use the available features. Here I make a case for the nurturing and pitch framework that 95% of online marketers should be using, and show you how to not only create your automation strategy – but also how to use this course to adapt your needs to this framework.
3 hours and 7 minutes of instruction, including:
  • How to map out your automation strategy before doing anything in ConvertKit
  • What’s the best way to organize and name your tags and segments?
  • Visual automations? Automation rules? Here’s what you need to know.
“This is something I once dreaded...”
“I’d like to thank you for taking something that I once dreaded and showing me a way to approach it so that I’m excited by the possibilities and applications. Automations are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to work on!”
James Scott
Module 2
Get even more subscribers using dynamic opt-in forms
Lead flow is the lifeblood of any successful online business. This module is dedicated to helping you get more subscribers each day through smart, segmented, and personalized opt-ins CTAs.
1 hour and 23 minutes of instruction, including:
  • How to segment people before they’re even on your email list
  • Ways to use survey funnels to boost your conversion rates
  • Creating personalized opt-in forms
“Brennan is an expert at breaking down complex tasks into manageable bites...”
“Wow, this course was mega practical. It has helped me hone my automation skills, enabling me to charge far more $$ for the kind of advanced work that's so in-demand right now. Brennan is an expert at breaking down complex tasks into manageable bites, and faithfully coaches the less-techy of us through the language of Liquid. I can't recommend this course highly enough for anyone who wants to move into the world of automation.”
Jeni Bee
Module 3
Better understand your audience and their needs
Want to personalize your emails and sales pages? Then you first need to segment your audience. This module dives deep into how to profile your audience, segmenting them by who they are and what they need from you, along with lead scoring your best subscribers.
2 hours and 29 minutes of instruction, including:
  • Coming up with a segmentation plan
  • How to ensure you’re always pitching people on exactly what they need
  • Yes, you can lead score in ConvertKit. Here’s how.
“I was totally afraid of messing everything up...”
“Mastering ConvertKit gave me the confidence to finally get away from MailChimp and build a serious email marketing system in ConvertKit the RIGHT way. I was totally afraid of messing everything up but Brennan showed me how to set up everything step by step, in incredible detail (including truly next-level strategies like creating personalized offers based on custom field data). If you use (or want to use) ConvertKit, then there's really no competition out there… Mastering ConvertKit is THE ultimate CK course that will help you 10x your results.”
Csaba Borzasi
Module 4
Building trust with your audience
This module is all about building rapport with your audience by designing thoughtful and personally relevant onboarding and educational automations. More "Ah wow, this content is so great..." = More trust = More customers.
2 hours and 47 minutes of instruction, including:
  • How to create highly personalized onboarding
  • Automating how you learn why people are joining your list and what they need
  • Monetizing subscribers right after joining with evergreen pitches
“Helped me realise how much smarter you can be with your email marketing...”
“Brennan's course, Mastering ConvertKit, took me from basic sales funnels to master marketer. The course helped me realise how much smarter you can be with your email marketing and all the possibilities when it comes to ConvertKit. It's very tactical and I really enjoyed watching as Brennan built out automation workflows in real time.”
Paul Minors
Module 5
More sales through personalized pitches
Getting your email list to buy from you is so much more than just hammering everyone with sales emails. It's about sending smart, personally relevant emails to people when they're ready to buy from you, and using segmentation to align what you have with what someone needs.
2 hours and 23 minutes of instruction, including:
  • Using “Glossary Automations” to speak directly to your audience at scale
  • A blueprint for the perfect product launch
  • Making your email pitching and sales pages personalized
“It got me into thinking a lot more about how I communicate with my subscribers...”
“Mastering ConvertKit by Brennan Dunn has been a real thought provoking course for me. It got me into thinking a lot more on my business, how I communicate with my subscribers and how I can improve that communication and by that my business results. If you need to better automate your newsletters then Mastering ConvertKit is a mandatory course.”
Tsahi Levent-Levi
Module 6
Getting off the “email hamster wheel”
In this module, you'll learn how to spend more time working on your business – and less time cranking out content to keep the lights on. I'll show you how to set up evergreen "Shadow Newsletters" and leverage personal Offer Funnels to always pitch the right product to your subscribers, both over email and on your website.
1 hour and 20 minutes of instruction, including:
  • Creating an evergreen “Shadow Newsletter”
  • Pitching personalized offers both over email and on your website
  • Re-engagement strategies and keeping your list clean
“Effective usage is more profitable than expensive software...”
“I used to buy the idea that a successful digital businesses require expensive crm systems like Infusionsoft. With you I learned that effective usage is more profitable than expensive software.”
Joselyn Quintero
Module 7
Doubling down on your success
From A/B testing to automatically pitching your audience on the products or services they haven't yet bought, this module is dedicated to helping you increase customer value and optimize your conversion rates across the board.
2 hours and 16 minutes of instruction, including:
  • How to create living documentation for your automation setup
  • Behavior-based cross-selling and up-selling
  • A/B testing automations, emails, and more
“f#@!ing phenomenal...”
“Excuse my language but this course and the accountability emails you're sending are f#@!ing phenomenal. Thank you.”
Kati Kleber
Be a "fly on the wall" with me, Pat Flynn, and his team
In early 2020, I was brought on by Smart Passive Income to help them completely transform how they do email marketing for their business. We ended up with close to 10 hours of of raw, unfiltered audio from our 2-days together, along with plenty of "a-ha" moments. Included in the course (with Pat's blessing) are the recordings from our time together. The perfect complement to your next long drive or workout session!
9 hours and 24 minutes of raw recordings, including:
  • How we reasoned through converting from a "same thing for everyone" broadcast model to a fully automated powerhouse
  • Conceptual and implementation roadblocks, and how we overcame them
  • How Smart Passive Income is now segmenting their list, automating their pitching, and planning for growth
“It's made a quicker and more noticeable difference to my business and income than anything else I've tried over the last 5 years...”
“I set up Brennans initial automation and sequences, by the book, in March. Up to then, my email funnel converted 5-10 of my yearly memberships per month. This had been the usual for the last year. Since turning on the new automation, I now get about 5 times that. This has added 5 figures to my sales each month, and is still rising. Many thanks to Brennan and team for the excellent strategy and course. It's made a quicker and more noticeable difference to my business and income than anything else I've tried over the last 5 years.”
Allen Matthews
Access to all past and future live workshops
Customers of the course get regular live trainings and Q&As that either dig deeper into the topics I cover in the course, or showcase how companies are using the strategies and tactics I teach in the course. When you join, you'll get immediate access to every past workshop and notifications to register (free of charge) to future sessions.
Sessions include:
  • Behavioral segmentation: how to segment your audience based on their actions
  • Coming up with great questions to segment your list
  • Building out an Offer Funnel (live!)
  • Starting scrappy: when to start with automation, and when to stay simple
  • Creating the ultimate email course

Mastering ConvertKit is designed to work for you, no matter how much experience or time you have.

Hours of content? I don’t think I have the time!”
No lie: this course is deep. It’s in-depth. It’s looong. But don’t let that worry you, especially if you’re just getting started with email marketing.
When you begin the course, I’m going to prescribe a set number of lessons for you. These lessons take just a few hours to go through and implement, but they’ll get you started with doing some basic segmentation and having some solid automation in place.
I don’t expect you to go through everything I’ve included right away. You’ll start with getting your basic building blocks in order, and over time you’ll layer on optimizations – like sending your subscribers SMS messages during a pitch sequence – that make what you have even better. You have lifetime access to the material, there’s no rush.
(Preemptive shoutout to that person who will binge all the material in one sitting. When you join, you get everything all at once. So enjoy!)
“This has to be the hands-down most value jam-packed, well organized & thorougly thought out program I’ve ever purchased.”
“It’s amazing. Nope. It’s “holy-shirts-and-pats-batman!” amazing. Over the years, I’ve purchased quite a few courses/programs. Some have delivered value, some haven’t. This course though… Holy crap Brennan, it’s really well done. This has to be the hands-down most value jam-packed, well organized & thorougly thought out program I’ve ever purchased. Ever.”
Robert Smith
Get Instant Access To The Entire Course
Mastering ConvertKit is now open for enrollment. Join 300+ who have committed to leveling up their email marketing.
  • A tried-and-true framework for automating your business
  • 20+ hours of in-depth HD video lessons
  • One-click install automations and cheatsheets
  • Kickoff checklist and migration guide to help you get the right ConvertKit setup in place
  • Raw & unfiltered "fly on the wall" recordings from my automation workshop with Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive Income team
  • Free access to monthly live marketing workshops (and the recordings)
  • Access to a private community made up fellow students (300+)
  • Anytime access to all the content
  • Free updates as ConvertKit continues to expand and improve
  • 30-day unconditional moneyback guarantee
“It was a steal for what I paid.”
“Hey Brennan, I just wanted to quickly share: this course is so great! So much depth yet easily accessible even if you’re short on time. And you make it so easy to follow along. You have expertise showing through in every video. Really great! It was a steal for what I paid.”
Holger Frohloff
“Managed to double revenue in 2020 thanks to this course.”
Bálint wanted a course that went beyond the basics.
He had tried other courses, but they were simply a step above what you'd find in ConvertKit's technical documentation: how to set up sequences, how to design an email template, etc. He wanted something jam packed with strategy that really took ConvertKit to the next level. And that's what he found with Mastering ConvertKit.
You're going to want to also hear what he has to say about the community included with the course.
“I don't want to be the guy who keeps pushing for sales.”
Meet Andy, the owner of
Like most honest marketers, Andy doesn't want to ever come off as too "sales-y" with his audience. He's known for a while that sending "the right message to the right people at the right time" is the best way to do things... but how to actually do that? Who knows!
Check out what he has to say about the course, and how it's helped him go from feeling constantly apologetic whenever selling his books, videos, and coaching to feeling confident that he's only pitching people on what they need and when they're ready.
Who's behind this course?

👋 Hey there! My name is Brennan Dunn, and I'm the creator of Mastering ConvertKit.

I've been dabbling in marketing automation for the better part of 7 years now. First with Mailchimp, then Infusionsoft, later Drip, and now I've finally settled on ConvertKit. Over the years, I've spoken at numerous conferences, hosted workshops, and have appeared on dozens of podcasts extoling the virtues of email marketing done right.

Nathan Barry, a longtime friend and the CEO of ConvertKit, asked me to create a course comparable to my best-selling course on Drip, Mastering Drip, for his customers. A year later, that course now exists – clocking in at over 15 hours of in-depth lessons on not only how to use ConvertKit, but how to master email marketing.

("What's with the robe, Brennan?!" We hosted our last European conference at an all-inclusive Japanese resort. It was a blast – and a bit weird! – presenting on stage in a kimono.)

Frequently Asked Questions

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