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Get involved in a local meetup with other business-minded freelancers

I’m going to try a little experiment.

A few weeks ago I surveyed my list. And one thing that kept coming up was that you wanted more community interaction… especially on a local level.

In 2015, we hosted our first Double Your Freelancing conference in Virginia and had freelancers from all over the world in attendance. This year, we’re kicking off another US conference and our first European conference.

But these are once a year conferences.

…What if business-minded freelancers and agency owners could get together regularly and talk shop, meet others, and grow together? What if the core theme of this community — helping people better understand the business behind their business — could be cultivated at a local level?

That’s what I’m thinking, and I’d like to see if we can find a few pilot cities with enough of a critical mass to kick off a few business-minded local consulting meetups. If you’re interested in possibly joining or leading a group, let us know below and we’ll work out magic to pair you up with others in your area 🙂

  • Great idea Brennan.

  • Nick Disabato

    Happy to start something in Chicago.

  • Thanks for putting this together, Brennan. Would love to host something in Phoenix.

  • Gonzalo Zariaga

    I find this quite hard 😀 … is there someone else from Argentina here?

    • Hernan Tylim

      Hi Gonzalo. I’m from Bs As and I’m the owner of a local meetup for freelancers: “Freelancers y Profesionales Independientes de Bs As”.

      I’m a fan of Brennan’s courses and books and I would love to meet other local freelancers that are also readers of Brennan’s materials.

      If you are local I want to invite you to my meetup and please contact me if you would like to have a Brennan’s Argentinean fans reunion 🙂


  • Awesome! I change locations every 4-6 months, and this sounds like a great way to build community. Looking forward to watching this develop. Brennan.

  • You will love my form entry. ^^

  • I’d love to start one in the UK.

  • Running an agency in Los Angeles, love meeting competent tech/design freelancers in the area. Find me on Twitter, @shennyg

  • Dawn Hapgood

    Who is based in the South West UK? We could start them here. 🙂

  • Hernan Tylim

    Thanks Brennan, I like this idea very much. I already filled the form 🙂

  • Jason @

    Just submitted for Denver (and Boulder?)

  • Jeanne Noorman

    Brennan, I just submitted the form for a group in Grand Rapids, MI. I put ‘no’ for leading and organizing, but I would be willing to co-lead.

  • Marjan

    Just filled out the form and expressed interest in leading a group. Any more cloggies (Dutch people) around here?

    • Pauli

      Hi, I’m in the south of Holland. Eindhoven is doable for me….

  • Hi Brennan,

    I just filled out the form.

    I’m in Fort Erie, Canada — which is a mile over the border from Buffalo, NY, and about 15-20 miles from Niagara Falls. This is a prime location for a meetup — on either side of the border.

    Heck, my wife and I both freelance… we’d be down to pack our dogs in the car and drive to Virginia for the next meetup you do there. How do I get updates / details on this?



  • David Good

    I already run one of the largest meetups in Michigan called West Michigan Geeks & Nerds. I started it in September of 2014 and now we have almost 1200 members and 4 or more events per week around Grand Rapids with up to 30 people showing up at events. Quite a few people have told me how much the group has improved their lives. You can find it at

  • I just filled in the form to start one in Westlake Village or Agoura Hills, CA. Hopefully we can get this going and start helping everyone as a community locally/digitally.

    -Rahul Alim
    Custom Creatives

  • Just filled out for Konstanz, Germany. 🙂

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