Freelance Rate Calculator: Why do some freelancers charge thousands a week, and others $30 an hour?

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How much would you like to make a year freelancing?
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How This Calculator Works

When you use this Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator, you'll determine how much you need to charge as a freelance in order to reach your income goals.

By filling out the above calculator, you'll learn what you need to charge — by the hour, the day, the week, the month, or the project — in order to support you in your lifestyle goals.

The first question asks "How much would you like to make a year freelancing?" Enter your desired annual income.

The second question asks "How do you typically bill your clients?" Pick the option that matches up with your business:

The third question asks you what you currently bill your clients. If you bill hourly, you'll enter your hourly rate. If you bill daily, you'll enter your day rate. And so on.

The fourth question asks how much time you want to work on client projects. Depending on how you bill (hourly, daily, etc.), you'll enter the amount of billable time you want to spend on client work.

Based on your answers, the freelance calculator will provide you with a personalized report to help you understand what to bill to increase your freelance rate. And, once you receive your report, you'll be able to enroll in a free 9 lesson email course that will help you increase your freelancing rate.

Charge What You're Worth

At Double Your Freelancing, we're advocates for you charging a fair rate for the value you deliver to your clients. And that rate should be such that you can live your preferred lifestyle.

Our Freelance Calculator's personalized report will help you identify what you should be charging for how much time you want to spend working to reach your income goal.

This calculator is based on 5 years of research and over the lessons I've learned working with 32,000+ freelancers to help them charge what they're worth and increase their freelancing rate. I hope this calculator helps you charge what you're worth.

— Brennan