Go beyond the basics and become a marketing automation ninja.

Want to make your business (or your clients' businesses) more profitable than ever before? This self-study course was created for you.

Over 9 Hours Of In-Depth Marketing Automation Training.

Each lesson breaks down a tactic, strategy, or feature. After going through the entire course (or cherry picking the lessons that matter most to you), you'll be able to unleash the full power of what's available with marketing automation and personalization—on both your current and future subscribers and customers.

All lessons are subtitled and include full transcripts.
Database vs. List
Understanding the difference between lists of subscribers and a database of contacts.
Drip Terminology
Campaigns, workflows, tags, events, ... What does it all mean? And what's the role of each?
Getting Subscribers
How to get subscribers into your database. Covers the Drip widget, embedded forms, and 3rd-party API integrations.
Campaigns and Workflows
What's the difference between Campaigns and Workflows? And how should you use both?
Single or double opt-in? Should rules be set at the form level, or from within a Workflow? I'll show you how to best use forms.
Automation Rules
We'll look at how to setup flat automation rules and rules within Workflows, and I'll show you how to best manage complex rule-sets.
Tagging and Events
Is there such a thing as too many tags? What should you name your tags? When should you tag, and when should you use events?
Custom Fields
What should you store as custom fields? When and why should you make a custom field public? How can you leverage custom fields as variables within your Workflows?
Getting To Know Drip.js
We'll look at how to use Drip's JavaScript library to create opt-in forms, tag subscribers based on what they click on, track the content your subscribers read, and expose subscriber data to your website.
Liquid Templating
Go beyond just outputting custom fields. Learn how to use advanced Liquid templating filters and chains within your emails and Workflows.
Strategy: Creating High-Performing Email Courses
How to create an email course. Lessons include using Campaigns and Workflows to host your email course (and the pros and cons of each)
Strategy: Delivering Free Reports, Videos, And Other Lead Magnets
Don't want to market an email course, but instead want to deliver a downloadable upon opt-in? I'll show you how to best to do this.
Strategy: Product Launches
Launching a new product or service? Here's how to best leverage Drip to do that.
Strategy: Black Friday
Learn how to do a flash discount sale using a sales strategy that netted me upwards of $8/subscriber.
Strategy: Lead Qualification
Do you generate leads off your website? Learn how to automatically qualify, onboard, book sales calls, and prep leads to talk with you.
"Shadow" Newsletters
Want to get off the hamster wheel of writing a weekly newsletter? I'll show you how to create a "shadow" newsletter that all new subscribers receive.
Lead Scoring
How to create a scoring algorithm for your subscribers, and how to trigger automation rules that kick in when a lead hits a certain threshold.
Including Personalized Offers In Your Templates
You'll see how you can make sure that you're promoting exactly what you need to promote with every email you send.
Advanced Timed Delays
We'll go beyond just day intervals and I'll show you how to send just on certain days.
Evergreen Pitch Sequences
How to create automated rolling launch sequences based off of when someone joined one of your Workflows.
"At Your Own Pace" Email Courses
I'll show you how to use actions, like completing a worksheet, to advance a subscriber to the next lesson.
Sending SMS Messages
SMS messages are the ultimate push notification. Learn how to remind your subscribers of sales and upcoming webinars over SMS — all without ever leaving Drip.
Mixpanel Integration
Find out how to treat your website like a SaaS. If you use Mixpanel, you can sync all of your tags and custom fields with it to create complex funnels that give you unparalleled insight into the success of your business.
Behavior-Based Upsells And Pitches
Learn how to automatically pitch your subscribers on products or services based on their engagement habits.
Creating Multiple Lead Scores
Drip gives you the ability to score your leads — but it only tracks one score. Learn how to create multiple lead scores.
I'll show you how to personalize your website and all of your email based on what you know about your subscribers. I'll give you all the code I use to personalize my website.
Smart Webinar Sequences
Learn how to create turnkey webinar registration flows that prepare registrants, tracks whether registrants attend, and pitch them on a time-limited discount window for your product or service.
Passive Profiling
Survey your readers over time. I'll share with you the code I use to develop rich profiles of my subscribers in an unobtrusive way.
Case Study: Behind-the-scenes of a $100k email course
In this case study, you'll see a start-to-finish walkthrough of an email course of mine that has yielded $100k+ in direct revenue.
Advanced Package
  • All Basic and Advanced lessons
  • Stream on any device
  • Lifetime access our private community
  • Lifetime updates
Mastery Package
  • All Basic, Advanced, and Mastery lessons
  • Stream on any device
  • Skype strategy consultation, recording, and transcript with Brennan
  • Access to my network of automation implementation experts
  • Lifetime access our private community
  • Lifetime updates

Case Study: Josh Doody

"What was one obstacle that would have prevented you from buying Mastering Drip?"

There were two: cost and wondering whether it would cover what I needed.

"What did you find as a result of buying Mastering Drip?"

It was WELL worth the cost, and the course covered everything I needed to get started using Drip (I moved my list over from another email service provider) and take my marketing automation to the next level. I was immediately able to configure some features and workflows to get much better visilibity into who is on my list and how I can help them.

"What specific feature did you like most about Mastering Drip?"

The video walkthroughs are really useful. He doesn't just tell me what he's doing, but SHOWS me how to do it and explains why it's worth doing.

"What would be three other benefit about Mastering Drip?"

HUGE time savings in getting Drip set up in a sane way (tagging, segmenting, basic campaigns and automations, capturing basic details about subscribers).

A better understanding of how I can use my email list to provide more value to subscribers and communicate with them in a more meaningful way through personalization based on their preferences and interests.

Good ideas for how to use Drip to take automation to the next level. It's not just a place to gather email subscribers and send them broadcasts, and Brennan does a great job of showing how powerful the platform can be.

"Would you recommend Mastering Drip? If so, why?"

Absolutely. If you're just getting started with Drip, you'll get a nice return on your investment just from the time you'll save on basic decisions and setup at the beginning. If you're already experience with marketing automation, Brennan will show you how to use Drip to do amazing things that wll help you engage with your audience and drive more sales.

"Is there any thing you’d like to add?"

I migrated a list of about 2,000 subscribers into Drip, and this course saved me DAYS of time with the initial setup and enabled me to get to the more advanced features much sooner than I would have on my own.


"How does this course differ from what's available within the official Drip documentation?"
My goal with this course is to not only teach you how to use Drip, but — most importantly — how you can leverage everything Drip offers to increase your sales or whatever KPIs you care about. I'll show you what to name your tags and events, how to best setup your Workflows, and how to make Drip an integral part of your overall sales and lead generation strategy. This course also goes beyond just emailing: Want to SMS your subscribers? Pipe qualified leads into your sales CRM? Personalize your website based off of who someone is? I cover it all.

"I've never sent a mass email in my life. Is this too advanced?"
Much of this course is pretty advanced. But I don't expect you to implement everything I cover immediately. You can start with the lessons I offer on getting your first subscribers into an email course, and then as that picks up and starts making you money you can get more sophisticated with your email marketing. You have lifetime access to the content, and it will only get better as Drip adds more functionality.

"Your business targets freelancers. I run a SaaS / sell infoproducts / etc. Is this just for freelancers?"
No, it's for anyone who uses Drip and wants to make more money with Drip. That being said, I'd love for freelancers to use this course to help 1) build lead generation pipelines for their own businesses and 2) add marketing automation to their list of skills that they can sell at a premium to their clients.

"Do you work for Drip or Leadpages?"
Nope, but they're all good friends of mine. And I'm on their advisory team and have spoken at Converted, the Leadpages conference.

"Will I get updates?"
Yes. All customers receive lifetime updates to all future content, as long as immediate access to all current content.

"Can I upgrade?"
Yep, you can upgrade at any time. We take the current price of the package you're looking to move to and subtract what you've already paid.

"What's your refund policy?"
If this course doesn't help you measurably move the needle, you won't pay for it. Just write me and let me know where it left you hanging, and I'll refund you in full.

"What documents and templates are included in Mastery?"
Currently Mastery includes:

  • Drip Pro Tools, a proprietary toolkit that helps personalize your website based on who's looking (along with numerous other feaures)
  • My Drip-friendly Webinar template (example)
  • The survey widget I use to progressively profile my subscribers
  • The CSS and relevant design files necessary to push personalized ads to your subscribers
  • A responsive email template (Drip's default template isn't yet responsive)

"What is the private community that's included in the course?"
When you join, you'll be given instructions on how to join our private Facebook group. Inside this group, you'll be able to ask me and 280+ other automation geeks anything you'd like.

Still have a question?
Drop me an email. I'd be happy to help.