Course Curriculum


What's inside this course and how to make the best use of it.

Understanding Your Clients

What do your clients want? Why are they willing to part their hard earned money on freelancers like you? How can you truly understand what your clients need, and the value of your clients' projects?

Your Rate

Why do most freelancers charge so little, and few charge a lot? In this module, we'll dive into pricing theory and the science behind money as it relates to consulting.

How To Close The Deal

This module covers everything you need to know about pitching a client. We'll look into how you should write your proposals, how to package your services, and what to do when clients push back.

The Path Forward

What's next now that you're charging premium prices? We'll look into how you can start productizing your consulting, raising your rates on your existing clients, and building your brand.


Here you'll find scripts, swipe material, and all the contracts and templates you need to apply the DYFRate framework to your business.

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