Contact Me

Have a question about freelancing? Want to book me for an interview or to speak at your next event?

1-on-1 Advice

I can work with you individually also. You book me through Clarity.

Re: Interviews

I’d be more than happy to join you on your podcast or to be interviewed for your blog. Please click here to learn more.

Re: Speaking Requests

I try to avoid travel whenever possible (I missed out on too many memories due to “work”). Depending on the timing and the arrangements, I’d be open to speaking at your upcoming event. My passions are freelancing/consulting, business, and marketing. Let’s talk.

Re: Partnerships / Sponsoring The Podcast

If you serve freelancers and consultants and would like to discuss working together, drop me an email.

Re: Feedback on Ideas / Promoting Your Stuff / Endorsements

I don’t generally do this. While I’m passionate about business and bootstrapping, the best way to get my advice is to either corner me at a conference or reach out on Twitter.

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