Freelance Answers – A Daily Q&A Show

#FreelanceAnswers – A Daily Q&A Show

Have a question about freelancing? Looking for specific advice for your situation?

My new daily question-and-answer show, #FreelanceAnswers, gives you the opportunity to listen in on the sort of discussions I usually have over email or Skype.

Why #FreelanceAnswers?

I get a heck of a lot of email.

Most of the email I get are questions from newsletter subscribers and readers of my blog, and most of these questions are really darn good. They’re so good that they often require a lot of my time to reply to… now, multiply that by questions sent in by a few thousand readers, and suddenly I’m drowning in Q&A.

While I love answering reader questions, my biggest issue is that no one but me and whoever asked the question ever sees the discussion — even though it would be really useful for a bunch of other freelancers to hear.


  1. I want to optimize the amount of time I spend replying to reader questions, and…
  2. I want to let others listen in on the questions I’m asked and the replies I give.

And that’s how #FreelanceAnswers was born. Short, 3-5 minute bits of freelancing wisdom delivered to your eyes (YouTube) and ears (podcast) every morning.

How can I watch or listen to the show?

We’re still producing the first batch of episodes, but you’ll be able to watch the show each morning on YouTube, and you’ll be able to listen to it on the brand new #FreelanceAnswers podcast. Each episode will also be right here on (as a video and audio embed).

To be notified once the first batch of Q&A is available, you’re going to want to join my newsletter.

How do I submit a question?

Fill out this form below to get add your question. Once I’ve answered your question and our episode is live, I’ll let you know.

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