32 Questions Every Freelancer Should Answer

Do you know your business?

I’m not talking about what’s in your checking account or how many leads you’re working on right now. I want to know whether you really understand your business, why you do what you do, and the value you provide for your clients.

When I work with a new coaching client, the first thing I have them do is take a little survey that helps me understand who they are and what they do.

…What’s amazing is how few people I work with have ever critically thought about their businesses (and I’m not casting judgement here — I was, and to a degree still am, guilty of this myself).

I’d like to share the exact questions I ask my coaching clients, and I encourage you to use these — print them out, throw them in a mindmap, talk it over with your significant other, whatever — to help you get a better understanding of your business:

(This list was inspired by the great Jay Abraham.)

Because I usually coach agencies, I’ll include questions about employees, size, office overhead, and more in the survey I send them — but those questions are superfluous for most people reading this.

Take the time to answer the questions I listed out above. Going through this exercise will put you ahead of 99% of your competition who often have no idea what they’re doing 🙂

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